Top 10 Best PDF Readers for Android in 2020

PDF is the most used and familiar file format. Whether for office or study, you should always use PDF files to check documents and other files. Another use of PDF is for ebooks. We often don’t like to spend a lot of money to buy books and read them. And in this case, the ebook sounds good. However, most of the e-books we find on the Internet are in PDF format. So, you need to learn about the use of pdf reader. Android’s PlayStore now includes thousands of PDF readers. And if you’re looking for such an app, you’re in the right place because today’s topic is the best PDF reader for Android.

Best PDF Readers for Android You Shouldn’t Miss

In general, PDF reader apps are very lightweight and include many customizable features. While we select 10 of the best PDF readers for Android, we prioritize various factors such as themes, variations in file support, installation size, customizability and similarity. It also looks for the next 10 apps after checking user reviews. So, while most apps have almost the same functionality, you can go through the details and find the one that suits you best.

So, here are the top 10 best PDF reader for android.

10. PDF Reader & PDF Viewer – Ebook Reader, PDF Editor

PDF Reader & PDF Viewer – Ebook Reader, PDF Editor

To provide an excellent and comfortable reading experience, Tapi LLC offers feature-rich apps, PDF Reader and PDF Viewer. You can download files from the internet or open files you have received from friends or colleagues and read them with this app. Although very user-friendly, its powerful interface always makes this app easy and fast to use. You can also enjoy this app for office and learning purposes.


  • You can highlight your favourite lines and paragraphs in eBooks and documents.
  • You can copy text and take notes from the book.
  • Like the comics app, it offers tons of comics and comic books.
  • You may see a portable ad that requires only one tap to remove.
  • It supports both horizontal and vertical reading displays and allows you to lock the screen while reading.

Download best PDF reader for android.

9. Librera – Read All Books, PDF Readers

Librera – Read All Books, PDF Readers

If you want to enjoy access to all types of e-books, Librera comes with the best PDF reader with an attractive interface. This lightweight and the free app was developed by Librera and come with all the features an ideal PDF reader should have. But the unique part of this app is its’Read Out Loud’ system. You can use this option to listen to an audiobook when reading the file is not in a good mood. Plus, most of the options are customizable, so you can create a comfortable reading display. Let’s take a look at what more is included.


  • You can change the theme of your app and customize fonts, colours and typography.
  • Displays books in a grid and list style.
  • You can filter books by name, title, author name, series, genre, and more.
  • With just a few taps, you can create and remove folders and create a list of your favourite books.
  • It shows your recent history and you can use the night mode.

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8. Simple PDF Reader

Simple PDF Reader

If you want the simplest pdf reader for Android, you can try Simple PDF Reader. It has a very simple user interface and the app install size is hardly calculated. However, the tools used by this app are so powerful that you can open, edit and download all types of PDF files very quickly. This app automatically extracts all files from your storage, and you can share files with others just like a file-sharing app. So, if you want to try this free app that comes with a bucket full of features, check it out before you install it.


  • You can search for documents in the active search box using their name or keyword.
  • Read documents and ebooks page by page.
  • Night and reading modes are available here.
  • You can use the function to find a specific page by number and a total number of pages.
  • There is also a system of horizontal and vertical page scrolling.
  • Pinch or double-tap to zoom in or out on the page.

Download best PDF reader for android.

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7. PDF Reader – Sign, Scan, Edit, & Share PDF Documents

PDF Reader – Sign, Scan, Edit, & Share PDF Documents

Next on our featured list today is PDF Reader, an expert in signing, scanning, editing and sharing documents for different files. You can use this app on all types of smart Android devices, including tablets, Android TVs, and smartphones. Besides, you can keep backups and share files with friends using social media. This app will give you access to huge eBook storage, so it will be fun. Still not impressed? Other features of this app will definitely impress you.


  • You can use your finger to write handwritten notes.
  • Text-to-speech and text reflow functions are available.
  • You can create new files and combine multiple scans and files together.
  • You can import files from your PC or other devices.
  • It can be accessed through files in local storage and attached to emails and messages.

Download best PDF reader for android.

6. ReadEra – Book, Reader PDf, epub, Word

Let’s take a look at ReadEra, a simple PDF reader app for Android. Readera LLC has developed this app as a bucket full of useful features and is trying to combine the best of various PDF reader apps. With this app, you can use and manipulate all types of files including EPUB, MS Word, FB2, TXT, Kindle and similar files. While reading, you can also use different modes to create a comfortable visual environment. Besides, if you have a stable internet connection, you can find all your favourite ebooks here.


  • There are no ads that interfere with the reading experience.
  • Find ebooks in any format and download them easily.
  • This app contains very convenient and user-friendly reading settings.
  • Multiple document modes including day and night modes are available.
  • You can keep the screen lock while reading documents or files.
  • The search option can automatically detect books and documents.

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5. Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer

Google LLC brings almost all categories of Android apps. So, why should a PDF reader get away from it? Google PDF Viewer is the best PDF reader for Android and you can even use it like millions of users. Well, this app is also designed with a very user-friendly interface and attractive themes. Initially, this app was developed for business purposes. However, further, development has made it the most popular PDF reader. If you trust the Google app, you should take a look at the other features of this app.


  • It provides a reliable and secure platform for accessing documents.
  • You can bookmark your favourite documents and files.
  • Almost all document file formats are supported.
  • You can sync your documents to cloud storage.
  • It incorporates a quick search panel and excellent file management features.

Download best PDF reader for android.

4. OfficeSuite – Office, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

OfficeSuite – Office, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Why don’t you keep document management apps on your everyday Android device? OfficeSuite is at the top of the list for productivity, office workloads, and PDFs managed from your phone. It is available for free and offers a lot of premium features that are very rare in similar alternatives. There is also a premium subscription option, which is entirely up to you. The premium package includes MobiDrive’s 50GB of cloud storage and a completely ad-free experience. Works smoothly on most devices running Android 4.4 or higher.


  • You can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDF documents and more on your phone.
  • Offers superior protection and industry-standard privacy options.
  • It includes all the tools to manage all kinds of PDF workloads.
  • Includes digital signature functionality, PDF to Word, ePub, Excel, and vice versa.
  • You can access all official documents from any device with advanced synchronization and sharing features.

Download best PDF reader for android.

3. Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator -  best PDF reader for android

Adobe offers a flagship PDF app for Android called Adobe Acrobat Reader. One of the most complete and well-organized PDF file management apps you can find on Playstore. You can use it for free, but you need to subscribe and purchase the package to take advantage of premium features. This subscription works on both web and mobile devices. Very user-friendly and instantly opens all PDFs and supported files. You can freely access PDF files on your Android phone or tablet from anywhere like a PC.


  • This includes reading, signing, editing, marking, and many other functions for PDF documents.
  • No matter your custom destination or supported cloud storage, you can store your important files and arrange them as you like.
  • Share documents smartly with media sharing and instantly print them from your Android device.
  • Includes form fill options and e-signature features, along with native support for stylus and pen-like.
  • You can also work with your team through advanced sharing options.

Download best PDF reader for android.

2. WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel

WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel -  best PDF reader for android

WSP Office is one of the most popular productivity and document management apps you can find on the Playstore. It comes with a very modern interface while maintaining wide accessibility. Include words, sheets, slides, and pdfs all in one place. Feel free to edit or create at any time. It’s free to use and also includes a premium package with additional features. The subscription plan is entirely optional for users. One of its special features is the integrated support for signing and annotations on PDF files.


  • It natively supports about 51 different languages and is always supported by regular updates.
  • It supports almost all document file formats and provides full access to PDF files.
  • Easily convert other files to PDF and share anywhere via sharing apps, emails and connectivity options on your device
  • Provides access to all kinds of file types used in office applications on Android.
  • You can edit the PDF file as needed, and you can also add or remove watermarks.
  • It includes advanced marking and highlighting of documents and PDF files.

Download best PDF reader for android.

1. PDF Reader 

PDF Reader -  best PDF reader for android

The first app I chose to introduce is PDF Reader. It is the best PDF reader for Android for almost everyone. The app is developed with an exquisite design and interactive user interface. It helps you manage and read all your favourite books. In addition to documents or files in pdf format, this app can manipulate other e-book files such as DJVU, XPS, FictionBook 2, etc. Besides, this text-to-speech app allows you to take notes with just your voice. Let’s take a closer look at this app.


  • Create a contact table and bookmarks to quickly find your favourite books.
  • It supports online catalogues and l online bookstores.
  • You can use this app in different languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, etc.
  • Shows history and access to recent books.
  • It shows a page-turning animation and includes a very elegant theme.

Download best PDF reader for android.

Final Verdict

Did you know that the features are almost the same for these 10 apps? That’s why choosing an app can seem confusing. But if you ask me personally, I will tell you an old saying. You should always find someone you know better. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Google PDF Viewer are the most familiar, and millions of users are happy with these apps. You can also use Librera and PDF Reader. These two apps are also very unique. However, we always appreciate the features and details and for choosing the app yourself.

So today, I’m going to say “tata”. However, don’t forget to share your experiences using these apps. Also, if you have any questions about this app, let me know. It’s safe and sound. Thank you.

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