Top 10 Best Screen Recording Apps For iPhone

Best Screen Recording Apps For iPhone

Creating screen recordings on the iPhone has never been easier. Thanks to the built-in iOS feature, you can record your iPhone screen with just a few taps. However, when you want to record a tutorial or capture a gameplay scene, you may want to do a little more recording than what is provided by default. We hope you will take a look at the 10 best iPhone screen recording apps, see how they differ and find out which one is the best.

The screen recording app is designed to shoot training, educational and gaming videos right from your smartphone. Although screen capture has recently entered the smartphone market, the number of apps available each month is constantly increasing.

So, here we represent the top 10 Best Screen Recorder Apps for iPhone.

1. Record it

Record it - Best Screen Recording Apps For iPhone

Record it! It is widely known as the best screen recording app for the iPhone and iPad. This app provides impressive features. In addition to screen captures, you can also record reactions using the Facetime cam. In addition, the app has editing features and you can share files using AirdDrop or Open In.

Record it! Designed for iOS 12 and above for full-fledged single-touch control, available video editing features include cropping, rotation, filters, customizable playback speed and background.


  • It has Face Cam 
  • Sounds, comments can be recorded
  • Provide editing function
  • Filter gallery

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2. Go Recorder

Go Recorder - Best Screen Recording Apps For iPhone

This app for recording screens is great for shooting video games and you don’t even need to root your device when creating a screencast.

This application is very user friendly and you can start recording HD videos in a few taps. There’s a 3-second delay before the Go Recorder actually starts shooting, and you can use it to prepare for a screencast.

After recording, you can use the app to quickly trim and remove parts you don’t want to include in your video. So, Go Recorder allows you to share your videos on Facebook, YouTube and most other mainstream SM sites.


  • Full HD support
  • Simple screen capture settings
  • You can add music tracks to screencasts

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3. DU Recorder

DU Recorder - Best Screen Recording Apps For iPhone

With DU Recorder, you can record your smartphone’s screen feed from 60fps to 1080p at 12fps. The application supports a wide range of video sizes, frame rates and bit rates, so you can choose the screen capture quality that suits your needs.

With DU Recorder, you can create any PiP video using FaceCam. You can also use the app for games, tutorials, exercises and making funny GIF videos.

The app includes video editing, live streaming and image editing capabilities. You can crop clips, cut footage and add subtitles, but the app doesn’t have VFX or filters to enhance the overall look of your video. This app is a reputable multifunctional tool on both iOS and Android systems because it provides the latest screencasting features and can create high-resolution display videos.


  • There is no time limit and no watermark is applied.
  • Create your own watermark for records.
  • Screen capture function can be added to the control centre.
  • In the integrated video editor, you can add subtitles, audio, intro and other elements.

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4. TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture

Users with major Apple mobile devices can use this app to record screen feeds as conveniently as possible. With this application, you can shoot video in all standard resolutions, but you can’t change the bit rate or access other advanced settings.

Another drawback is that there are no emoticons or VFX to add to the video, but the 3D touch feature makes it easy to forgive the disadvantage of starting a new recording session with a single tap.

There is no video editing tool in this app, but you can easily transfer files to Snagit or Camtasia and use them for editing. Unfortunately, TechSmith Capture’s sharing options are disappointing. This is because you cannot upload clips to Instagram, YouTube or Twitter directly from the app.


  • Does not impose a screencast length limit
  • Simple and convenient video export

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 5. Record Now! Screen Recorder

Record Now! Screen Recorder

This screen recording app is useful for shooting tutorials, gameplay footage, video demos and other clips of any kind on your iPhone.

As the app name suggests, its main purpose is to provide high quality screen recording. It also comes with a quick and convenient editor that lets you tweak the clip or add nice effects to adjust the clip. This app also includes animation moves that are especially useful for those who record tutorials.


  • Can capture full-screen images
  • 90 amazing filters
  • Hundreds of different stickers

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6. Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder provides a convenient and clean UI and a solid set of video editing tools. Also, there is no need to root your device and there is no maximum recording time.

Super Screen Recorder gives you the best video quality, yet you are free to choose from a variety of resolutions, frame rates and bit rates. It also has a pause/continue feature and can hide floating windows.

The app also provides FaceCam support, GIF Maker, and a brush feature that can enhance your recordings with pictures. You don’t apply your own watermark, but you can add your own watermark to promote your brand. Ads and optional purchases are supported, so you can use this application for free.


  • More Variety of  tools
  • Compatible with FaceCam
  • There is no time limit
  • Do not add watermark

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7. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

It provides convenient controls, various recording settings, and a basic video editor that you can use to trim clips before exporting them, making it one of the best screens recording programs on Google Play.

Set the required parameters in a small pop-up screen that closes when you start shooting. If it’s the type of video you want to record, you can also enable screen touch picture and capture microphone audio.

You can also customize the video resolution, frame rate and orientation with the settings provided and turn on Time Lapse whenever you need.


  • Impressive video quality
  • No recording time limit
  • No need to root your device.

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8. Web Recorder – Browser Capture 

Web recorders are useful for game players to record games on the iPad or iPhone screen. So, You can easily record the gameplay of the game using the web recorder on the iOS screen. iOS screen recorder can be used to record gameplay of all iOS games. The function of the app is not only easy to use, but also allows you to record the screen in high quality conveniently with clear audio.

Easily export videos to camera roll and share recorded videos to various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. If you press the record button before playing the game, video recording will start. The Favorites and Favorites options are also in the app, allowing specific access to specific sites without problems.


  • Tap the record button before playing the game.
  • Videos are automatically saved for sharing.
  • Easy access to specific sites using bookmarks and favourites.

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9. Screen Recorder +

Screen Recorder + video editor

Screen Recorder + is an all-in-one iOS screen recording app you can’t miss. Since its launch, this application has won millions of users due to its advanced features. It provides users with various recording settings including resolution, bit rate and frame rate to capture HD video. When creating a YouTube video, you can add Face Cam reactions and set the location of the reactions. You can also add audio comments using a microphone.

A qualified screen recorder cannot do without powerful editing features. Screen Recorder + has it. So, You can tilt, trim and rotate your video using the video editor. This screen recorder app allows you to apply gestures, stickers, text and filters to your video. You can also choose from over 100 unique background music or import music from iTunes to activate your video. If you output high-quality video, So you can post it on YouTube, Facebook and many other social apps.


  • You can choose the best recording settings for recording the game.
  • Add Face Cam reactions to your favourite YouTube videos!
  • Personalize your reaction by setting a location.
  • Add audio comments using the microphone.

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10. Screen Recorder + Video Editor 

Screencast-O-Matic, the original desktop screen recorder and video editor now travel with you. With the free mobile app, you can quickly capture your screen and create high-quality videos.

Record app demos, tutorials, video feedback, training and more. So, Add Facecam after recording or adjust crop, trim or video speed.

So, Easily share or connect an intuitive desktop video editor to enhance your video. Creating and sharing videos has never been easier.


  • There is no recording time limit.
  • Record as many videos as you like!
  • Audio narration recording.
  • Add Facecam to your video!
  • Select the video section to add Facecam.
  • Turn off to reposition Facecam.
  • Trim the video & Rotate the video.
  • Crop video with presets for social video sharing.
  • Adjust the playback speed.

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There are numerous tools to help you create a perfect screen recording. So, There are apps to help you make tutorials, comment on presentations, capture gameplay scenes or try live streams. Each of these apps offers a variety of features and tools, so your choice depends on your specific goals. And the bright side is all free, so you can download and test it to find out what you like best screen recording app for the iPhone.

Now let’s say goodbye. Don’t forget to share your experience with this apps you chose to try. It can help others make a choice. So stay safe and connect with us. Thank you.

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