Top 10 Best Survival Games for Android in 2020

In today’s world, our lives have become easier, but they have become busy. Both kids and adults don’t have much free time, so they prefer challenging experiences when they don’t have time to do some serious work. In this case, games are the most popular entertainment media. But there are many game genres, so you have to imitate it a bit more and choose something different. In that sense, if you want to try a difficult, fictional, challenging and breathtaking game, survival games can be the best genre. If you want to spend your free time with survival games for Android, you are on the right track. So, focus here to learn about the best survival games available on the PlayStore.

Best Survival Games for Android

When you search for survival games in the Play Store search bar, hundreds of games will appear. But your time and effort aren’t worth most. We’ve checked out a lot of games and the best of them disappointed us with low visual effects, inadequate sound quality, poor storyline and gameplay. But thanks to the truly high game creators. We’ve found a very exciting survival game for Android that you can easily list. So, check out our list of 10 decent and terrible survival games with a brief explanation.

So, Here Are the Top 10 Best Survival Games for Android in 2020

10. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

If you’re a dark fantasy game lover, tell me? I have an addictive survival game available on the PlayStore powered by Kefir. The only goal of this game is to survive the deadly land. You can play Grim Soul on your mobile or tablet. This outstanding survival game offers some unique features covered in fantasy and darkness.

Here you have to survive in this dangerous land and defeat your enemies. In this fighting game, you can get everything you need to join the war. This is a game where you can be a hero in this deadly area if you want to boost your mood.


  • This exciting game offers the best HD quality graphics and feel-good sound effects.
  • In this RPG game, you have to find a lot of mysteries about the ancient history of the empire.
  • You can also join other clans and meet new people.
  • You can earn rewards in your own kingdom by completing numerous quests.
  • The story behind the game is amazing and motivates you to play better.
  • You can make a crow cage for your pet crow and be your friend.

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9. Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Stormfall: Saga of Survival

If you are looking for an adventurous survival game, Stormfail is for you. Plarium Global LTD releases this exciting dark mystery game. You may have to face in-app advertising, but you can play this game on any platform. The story behind the game is also unique and you have to fight with the power of dark magic.

Loves to build shelter and gives you everything you need for war. In tough survival mode, you have to fight for wild animals and hunger. There will be time for salvation, but you must either survive first or die immediately.


  • For ample gaming experience, this game offers HD quality video graphics and smooth sound quality.
  • You can get tons of architectural crafts and tools that you can use to build your home.
  • Explore the secrets of dark magic and learn to use arcane magic.
  • You can reach the eastern march by exploring dark forests and snowy mountains.
  • You can find many faction ambassadors on the way.
  • Sometimes fierce dark creatures will appear. So, be prepared to defeat them at any time.

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8. Ocean is Home: Survival Island

Ocean is Home: Survival Island - Best Survival Games for Android.

If you are a sea lover and you are looking for survival games, there is an addictive game provided by Birdy Dog Studio. The game is full of unique features and an exciting game story. This game can be played on both mobile and tabs. It’s all about the freedom to build your own home, farm on a huge island. There are supplies for hunting and survival as a basic means of transport. Both kids and adults can enjoy survival games for Android. But you have to remember that the only goal of the game is to survive.


  • There is a huge island to explore and the graphics make it more realistic.
  • Explore huge islands and build your own home.
  • Collect local mine forests and rocks that can be used to craft future tools and weapons.
  • You need to learn to do all the fishing, electricity, water extraction, etc. you need.
  • To ensure sufficient food supply, you need to build your own farm.

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7. Day R Survival- Apocalypse Lone Survivor and RPG

Day R Survival- Apocalypse Lone Survivor and RPG

If you are a war lover, please tell me. There are amazing survival games offered by tltGames. In this game, you have to survive in an apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war. Radiology and many deadly diseases will come near you and you will have to save yourself and your family. This RPG game represents a very important survival situation with dead characters. You can enjoy this game with many challenges and customization options. This game can be a great source of fun and challenge with your friends.


  • Hardcore survival will be difficult and tricky, and you are free to choose from 3 different game modes.
  • This exciting survival game runs smoothly on both mobile and laptop.
  • Comes with the multi or single-player mode.
  • You can save enough war materials and choose your own weapon.
  • Realistic graphics and the best sound quality combine to provide a better gaming experience.

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6. Last Shelter: Survival 

Last Shelter: Survival - Best Survival Games for Android.

The game is as it sounds. The last shelter is for those who enjoy fighting games in a terrible way. Long Tech Network Limited offers this exciting survival game. Here you have to survive in the zombie world. The ground is full of zombies and you need to be very careful even taking a step. Otherwise, you will die immediately. You are the last person standing here with zombies in your empire. The rest of the story is about how you became a great warrior in a deadly refuge.


  • There is a war going on around the world and you can get a map for a better direction.
  • You can build cities, increase facilities, and train survivors at the same time.
  • It has very strategic gameplay that you can conquer yourself.
  • The uplifting game sounds come with great thematic stories.
  • Designed with realistic graphics to make the environment realistic.

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5. Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad – Simulator

Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad – Simulator - Best Survival Games for Android.

TREASTONE LTD has developed Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad Simulator, a survival game for Android. As its name suggests, it is to survive the raft and conquer the endless sea. It works on both android phones and tablets. The game offers phenomenal graphics and sound effects.

You will love realistic HD graphics and immersive gameplay. The game also offers adaptive ambient sounds. Players can update their raft with their crafting abilities. You can also interact with other players online. So get ready to thrill the sea.


  • With lots of adventures and actions, it provides a fun boat simulation experience.
  • It includes a variety of weapons and equipment with logical upgrade paths.
  • You can improve your raft and set up a variety of defences.
  • You can catch other fish for resources. So, You can also loot floating chests and barrels collection building materials.
  • This simulation game offers a vast open-world in-game environment ready to explore.
  • Players can craft hundreds of weapons, armour and other equipment themselves.

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4. Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Day

Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Day - Best Survival Games for Android.

The last Island of Survival is another survival game known among users as the best survival game for Android. It’s an online-based last man standing action game with lots of deadly challenges and opportunities. This game requires at least 2GB of free space and works on most modern Android phones and tablets.

With a rich intrigue, you will love the action and adventure. The game offers amazing visual effects and adaptive sound effects. You can build, ride, and ultimately level up in the game world, and much more. Sign up now and test if you can survive to the end.


  • You can play alone or team up with other players.
  • You can create your own burrow and customize the available vehicles, weapons and equipment to your liking.
  • It offers a variety of combat systems and can loot other players and enemy clans.
  • The game includes a personalized crafting system that allows you to create gears to your liking with available resources.
  • With regular updates, the game is constantly adding new features such as basic trading features, material transport, and more.
  • It incorporates a smooth control system while rendering realistic 3D graphics.

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3. Survivors: The Quest 

Survivors: The Quest  - Best Survival Games for Android.

Need a twist of adventure? Play Survivors: The Quest. Your journey begins on an island with secrets inside. You and your teammates must survive by matching puzzles. You can harvest and grow the crop. But the locals are not your friends. They are as harmful as other dangerous creatures. If you want to stay alive, make sure you are safe from them. This survival game for Android is free and full of tons of exciting features.


  • There are many interesting places to explore, such as mountains, lagoons, jungles, and beaches.
  • Whatever you find, cook an unusual meal for your teammates.
  • If you want to unlock the secrets of this island, you have to complete the match-3 level.
  • There are many weapons, craft tools, and clues.
  • You can build your own resources on this mysterious tropical island.
  • This survival puzzle game offers great graphics and sound effects.

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2. Death Invasion

Death Invasion

If you are looking for a zombie battle based survival game for Android, you should choose Death Invasion. You have to survive the zombie town here. Other survivors like you can be your teammates. You have to complete the journey while helping each other. Fight hard with deadly weapons and watch out for zombie bites. Food, generators and fuel are stored in hazardous locations. You can’t collect it until you prove it’s strong enough.


  • It has combat power and armour such as helmets, backpacks and hard gloves.
  • You can use a secondary weapon to blast the sealed door.
  • Collect pieces of components to create powerful machines.
  • Abandoned tanks can be transformed into powerful means of transport.
  • If you want to defeat zombies, you can use your fists to collect useful items.

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1. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival - Best Survival Games for Android.

Let’s check out one of the most popular survival games called Last day on Earth: Survival. It’s free to play and offers immersive graphics with sophisticated details. Therefore, it is preferred as one of the best survival games for Android. It offers interactive single-player gameplay with tons of missions and tasks to complete.

The game offers an interesting storyline with lots of adventures and actions. Fight against odds and survive hordes of zombies. It allows you to play online with your friends and grow your pet choice. So don’t wait, join the ever-growing gaming community today.


  • It offers great graphics and adaptive sound effects.
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets.
  • It provides a smooth touch-based control system and supports some Android game controllers as well.
  • You can craft a variety of equipment and weapons with the collected resources.
  • It offers many upgrade systems such as a vehicle, fortress, pet level upgrades, and more.
  • We provide regular updates for a smooth gameplay experience.

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Final Word

So here are our last words and narrowest recommendations. All of these 10 survival games for Android are equally compatible, so some of you will have gotten into a big mess. That’s why it’s confusing because you can’t try everything. However, if you are looking for a fighting survival game, you can try Last Shelter, LifeAfter or Last Day on Earth.

If you like the primitive age of dinosaurs, Jurassic Survival is your best bet. If you like horror twists, try Zombie 3D Gun Shooter. All of these games have their own excellence. But I am sure none of these 10 games will disappoint you.

Don’t forget to share your experience playing the game you selected from the list. Also, let us know if you accidentally forget something important. Always stay connected and share your thoughts. Thank you.

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