Top 10 Best VR Games for Android in 2020

Top 10 best VR games for android. Every gamer should dream of exploring the gaming world in real life. Nevertheless, they know it is impossible. But technology has succeeded as a way to go too far and protect them from getting away from their favourite world. Now you can explore the world inside the monitor and the enemy cannot harm you.

Thanks to the virtual reality system. With VR headsets, you can’t differentiate between the experiences you experience in real life and gaming environments. And PlayStore still doesn’t offer users a chance. Many VR games for Android are available on the PlayStore and we will talk about them today.

Best VR Games for Android You Shouldn’t Miss

Ahead of the gameplay, 3D environment, storyline, VR compatibility and other essential facts, ten games are chosen to make this list and us. But they weren’t based on the best to the worst lineup. However, there are many different types, so you need to take a good look at the information to find one of your favourite genres. Don’t rush and enjoy something unforgettable by choosing the best VR game for your Android device.

10. Walk The Plank VR

Walk The Plank VR - Best VR Games for Android.

Let’s meet a completely different type of VR game. This time, it is an adventure game called Walk The Plank VR. If you’re brave enough to walk on a plank, go on top and explore the city. This game is highly recommended for those who are afraid of keys as it helps them face it in virtual reality. So make sure your back is shaking without closing your eyes. Did you find such an amazing game? If so, check the features and try them out.


  • There are many different types of height experience slots, and you have to walk over them.
  • Use the jetpack to fly over buildings and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city.
  • Adjust your sound system and vibration to get a more realistic feel.
  • Compatible with VR headsets and other related items.
  • Those who are sensitive and weak-minded are better off staying away.

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9. VR Traffic Racing In Car Driving: Virtual Games

VR Traffic Racing In Car Driving: Virtual Games

If you are a real fan of racing games and want to combine your car racing experience with a VR controller, try this game. VR traffic race in-car driving. Well, with a VR box or cardboard, you can feel the most exciting racing experience in this game. You have full control over the driving range. There are tons of model cars you can choose from and race to. You can also challenge other players on the racetrack and win matches at your own will.


  • Easy and striking setup with very exciting gameplay.
  • Smooth game controls allow you to enjoy a realistic driving experience.
  • Urban highways, environments and other vehicles are designed correctly.
  • You can rotate 360 degrees in this virtual reality racing game.
  • There are many locations and vehicles you can try.
  • You can collect coins and upgrade your skills and cars.

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8. VR Horror

VR Horror

What if the VR experience comes with a horrible combination of zombies? That’s what you see when it’s VR horror. One of the best VR games for Android and you’ll be addicted soon. The screaming zombies are everywhere, and you only have weapons. So keep shooting to save yourself from zombies and don’t forget that you’re riding a terrifying roller coaster. So, the experience of setting up with Google Cardboard should be something different. Let’s learn more about it and get excited.


  • First of all, don’t play this game if you have epilepsy issues.
  • Compatible with cardboard, Homido, Freefly and others.
  • Use your headset to hear thrilling music and screaming zombies.
  • Missions will be given for different purposes.
  • It is updated automatically and new features for improvement appear.

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7. Deep Space Battle VR

Deep Space Battle VR

Archiat provides the ultimate shooting game incorporating virtual reality and we know this as Deep Space Battle VR. You can play this game completely for free on Cardboard VR. In this dogfight game, powerful heroes need quick wit and weapon handling skills. Very colourful and galactic Warfield will show your excellence in this game. Many dangerous enemy warships will come to destroy you and the team you lead. And you know what you need to do. Now defeat your enemies and save the land in this ultimate shooting VR game.


  • It offers players the most immersive VR reality experience.
  • You don’t need a lot of control and your ship will fire enemies automatically when they appear in front of you.
  • Design with elegant VR crack effects for a better shooting experience.
  • There are 6 types of stylish boats, you can choose one of them
  • There are no in-app purchases and there are no ads that interfere with the play experience.

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6. Sisters

Sisters - Best VR Games for Android

Let’s take a look at Sisters from Otherworld Interactive. Best for Google Cardboard. You won’t spend money on this spooky game. One of the most popular Android VR games featuring a ghost story. You will love the gameplay with realistic graphics. We provide immersive experiences with VR gear. You will be amazed by the amazing 360-degree visual effects and high-quality audio output. It is optimized for Android phones and works perfectly on updated devices.


  • This game gives you the opportunity to experience a life-like horror setting.
  • It comes with a simple control system, most of which are shape-based.
  • The game world is created with state-of-the-art technology that reacts and shapes players as they interact with the in-game environment.
  • Binaural and directional audio enhancements provide exquisite horror effects.
  • You can enjoy VR expressions that make you feel like you are in the game world.
  • The game engine also includes 360-degree cinematic video content and stunning light and shadow effects.

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5. Roller Coaster VR: Ultimate Free Fun Ride

Roller Coaster VR: Ultimate Free Fun Ride

Get away from your busy routine and play one of the best VR games for Android called Roller Coaster VR: Ultimate Free Fun Ride. It is completely free to download and takes up relatively little space on your system. You will love comfortable gameplay with realistic in-game graphics and lifelike visual effects. You will need a VR device such as Google Cardboard glasses. The game is optimized for Android devices and is regularly updated with advanced technical support.


  • The game offers virtual reality-based 3D graphics and HD visual effects.
  • You can easily set up game controls and change game modes by selecting Simple Mode / VR Mode.
  • To run the game, you need a VR gear compatible with the gyro sensor.
  • It offers realistic sound effects to simulate a real roller coaster atmosphere.
  • The game features a beautiful theme park based on the in-game environment with fascinating river views.
  • You can have a great time collecting rare items aboard the fast roller coaster train.

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4. Jurassic VR: Dions for Cardboard Virtual Reality

Jurassic VR: Dions for Cardboard Virtual Reality

How do you look when you have to run to get rid of dinosaurs like the Jurassic Park movie in Android VR games? If it looks great, try Jurassic VR. This dinosaur-themed VR game lets you explore the prehistoric times where dinosaurs were here and there. You can freely roam the virtual world and enjoy an adventurous journey. Among all kinds of dinosaurs, you can meet your favourite dino. Are you already interested? Let’s look at more about it.


  • This game is compatible with all kinds of virtual reality glasses.
  • There are quite a few movies like storylines with HD visual effects.
  • The Unity 3D professional-looking visual cinematic universe will soon make you love it.
  • Easy to control and designed with horror action theme.
  • It’s scary for kids, so it’s recommended for players over 15 years old.

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3. VR Temple Roller Coaster for Cardboard VR

VR Temple Roller Coaster for Cardboard VR

If you love riding roller coasters, get ready to enjoy an epic roller coaster heading to ancient civilizations and temples with VR Temple Roller Coaster. It offers a real experience like a roller coaster with a beautiful and resourceful in-game environment. You can play by wearing a VR headset like Google Cardboard, and it supports normal gameplay with touch control. You don’t need a gyroscope on your device to play this game. Save money, Google Cardboard is enough to get the most out of your games in virtual reality.


  • High-quality graphics provide an amazing 360-degree virtual reality experience of roller coaster rides.
  • Ride at both high and low speeds with a detailed view of the ancient Mayan temple themed environment.
  • It also offers underwater rides where you can see the beautiful ocean ecosystem as if you were actually there.
  • The game interface is simple and accessible.
  • The visual effects are based on a 3D graphics rendering engine with integrated VR.
  • This game takes up relatively little system space and works perfectly on a multithreaded CPU.

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2. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 3D

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 3D - Best VR Games for Android

VR Thrills is the next step you should try if you want to experience the ultimate roller coaster experience. It’s the latest version of all roller coaster VR games for android and you should always be thrilled with this game. Here you can create your own roller coaster experience with Google Cardboard. In this multiplayer game, you can even share your created rides with friends and other players. This Ultimate theme park VR game will not make you bored in your spare time.


  • Millions of players have created rides, and you can try it out.
  • Supports VR Google Cardboard, providing an unforgettable roller coaster experience.
  • Realistic sound like a true roller coaster and 3D environment.
  • You can set up the headset on your phone using the QR code scanning system.
  • It is very easy to set up and supports even inexpensive devices.

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1. Water Slide 3D

Water Slide 3D

Looking for a thrilling experience with water slides? Enjoy Water Slide VR. Trust me; It doesn’t seem like you’re sitting in the room, but you’ll feel the anxiety-like riding a waterslide with this game. You can explore and try out various slides in the 3D water park. You can also adjust the speed of the slide and move it carefully to make sharp turns. Don’t take it as easy as it sounds. Some slides are not easy and you need to be careful at any cost.


  • There are 7 types of rides you can experience in this game.
  • You can enjoy it in both first and third person.
  • Over 40 different levels are waiting for you.
  • It supports Google Cardboard that can exceed your imagination.
  • You can explore the city, escape, snow in the mountains, rainforest and more.

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Final Verdict

Have you modified the game to give it a try? Some of you can think of what to do without a VR headset. Do not worry. You can enjoy VR games without VR support. However, the experience you get with a VR headset should be different. But you should definitely check that there are many different genres of games out there, such as roller coaster, dinosaur, shooting, horror, altitude phobia relief, and more. I don’t know which type you like best. So I can’t narrow the list down to a few games. So this time you are the one who chooses and tries the game. I am sure you will like it.

After launching these Android VR games, please leave a comment to share your experience playing those games. Also, let me know if you know of any other VR games for Android that are good enough to beat these 10 games. That’s all for today. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you.

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