Top 10 Best Basketball Games for Android

Best Basketball Games for Android

Did you know that you can play basketball games on your Android device? We know basketball is one of the most popular and exciting outdoor games. However, it can often be challenging due to the development of modern life, outdoor activities, finding partners or scheduling outdoor sports.

For all obvious reasons, people are now looking for more mobile games than outdoor games. Over the years, many developers have developed several game apps that allow you to play all your favorite outdoor games, including basketball, on your mobile device.

Of course, there is nothing equivalent to a real game. Nevertheless, mobile gaming doesn’t deprive you of the thrilling madness of thrilling games anytime, anywhere. If you are a basketball lover, you will be happy to find the Android version of basketball. If you don’t know about the basketball app, this article is for you. Even if you’re not passionate about basketball, this game is fun and enjoyable.

 10 Basketball Games for Android

As you know, there are many games based on basketball. It is difficult to find the best. The Play Store has hundreds of basketball game apps. Using many apps is time-consuming and cumbersome. We narrow the list of the top 10 best basketball games for Android users. This choice depends on the activity, visuals, graphics, animation, softness and movement. Spending some time here can save you a lot of precious time. So, Let’s take a look at the top 10 basketball games for Android

1. NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20

Currently, the most prominent simulation application for basketball is the NBA 2K20. The developer of this game is Visual Concepts and 2k Sports is a publisher. It supports various game modes like Play Now, My Career, and My GM2.0. This is the best basketball game ever in user reviews. You can also play with real player characters and choose a real national team. It offers several options to customize. Choose from franchise, team, location, club, player, jersey, logo, alternative uniform, stadium, court colour and more. So, there are a lot of other interesting features.


  • The Women National Basketball Association (WNBA) team is the first to be introduced into the NBA series. You can play both exhibition mode and WNBA season mode.
  • Currently, you can play war games using NBA team, women’s team, history team, regular NBA team. You can even form a small team and play street basketball with other people or computers.
  • It includes an upgraded motion engine that can provide better planting, momentum modelling and changes in motion design.
  • We offer a total of 27 ball handler styles. Here, developers use the new standing mechanism to make the chain standing dribble movement more practical.
  • It also supports advanced moves such as lap escapes on the back, shutter chop steps, fake step bags by Luka Donika, and new fake gods.
  • Improve reading and response modes to help your character communicate more imaginative responses.

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2. Real Basketball

Real Basketball

It’s a simple basketball game that helps people improve their basketball abilities. It offers 6 game modes. Both single-player and multiplayer are supported. From there you can play online with other players. You can also invite friends to live matches. You can freely design the appearance, ball, game outfit and playground of the player character. Depending on the name, you can get real-time experience in this game. So, You need to purchase the app from the Play Store. In addition, some attractive features captured the minds of the players.


  • This has an amazing 3D view and the cheering and shot sounds are very natural.
  • This game is accessible and easy to understand.
  • You can surprise the player with excellent interaction.
  • The quality of the graphics is excellent, the movement is smooth and fast.
  • The game is addictive by burning the impulse to unlock additional features and awards.
  • Support multiple players.

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3. Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

It is our third best basketball game app for Android devices. This game first appeared in Miniclip in 2016. Since then, it has remained popular through regular updates. This is a multiplayer one-to-one game. Choose and play players from all over the world to show your skills. It offers two game modes, 1v1 match or 1v1 shootout. High-quality graphics catch the eye first.


  • There are two game modes that support multiple online players.
  • Customize your character and create thousands of unique looks.
  • Started thrilling racing shooting mode (run the clock to score your opponent).
  • This game is completely online-based.
  • This is a Freemium, you can play with enough assets for free for a sufficient amount of time. However, by paying, you can take advantage of more attractive features and assets.

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4. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

This is a game where you are in charge of everything. It is one of the best Android basketball apps, the official product of EA Sports. Play as Kevin, Stephen curry, Wade and other famous real-time superstars. You can also play on real NBA teams like Bull, Lakes and other popular teams. You have to be an expert in blocking and shooting dribbles, transfers and balls so you can play like a superstar when confronting a computer-controlled team. The control panel is slightly stronger than other basketball applications. Therefore, EA has provided many tutorials on how to play this game. Is that feature attractive enough? So, there are other outstanding features.


  • The graphics are very smooth, eye-catching and fast.
  • There are 5 different playing vibes here. Showdown, season, league, campaign, stadium.
  • It supports all aspects of the real NBA.
  • Another fantastic feature is that you can create a character using your face. This amazing feature makes you feel like a real professional.
  • This game is always refreshing as it is updated with new players, content, stories and events.

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5. Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association

This game is another cool app for basketball. It has become special as developers build their homepages based on the Japanese classic “NeoGeo Street Hoop or Dunk Dream in Japan”. Fans enjoy this game because it gives a classic 90-day feel. Don’t waste your time reading 90 days. With modern basketball, it will bring great pleasure in an old atmosphere. Dribbling is easy, and you can manage your balls in a variety of ways. However, there are some disadvantages. There are no animations with green lighting and no support for 1v1 mode. However, other interesting features have minor flaws.


  • It offers a variety of game modes from quick games, leagues, cups, events, 3-point contests, training modes and stadium modes.
  • Online and local multiplayer support.
  • We offer challenges based on the level of expertise of beginners, intermediates and experts.
  • The fun fact is that it gives you the opportunity to play, view and share your favourite dunks and moments.
  • It is a free game to get maximum satisfaction.

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6. Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle

This is a popular arcade-style 2D basketball game app. It’s a fun game and mainly suitable for kids. However, for adults, this game is interesting with simple control and an easy way to play. It is a one-on-one game. There are two characters on the screen. The goal is to score more points than your opponent at any given time. The graphics are simple and cartoonist. So if you are looking for a realistic game, this is not satisfactory. Another advantage is free games. So this is not a big problem to download and enjoy. There are also interesting things.


  • Supports playback on two split screens. In other words, you can challenge your friends to play on one screen.
  • You can crossover and dunk your opponent along with other moves.
  • You can choose a basketball court from 100 unique court designs.
  • So, You can compete at international events via the Internet.
  • Customizing and upgrading your team and the player look is another interesting fact.

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7. Basketball Online

Basketball Online - Best Basketball Games for Android.

This is one of the recent popular Android basketball games that has already captured the hearts of thousands of people. The publisher of this game is ViperGames. So, You will be delighted to see real, excellent graphics and instantly. This app is nicely designed and organized. The interaction between the ball and the environment is excellent and natural. Even its audio quality will surprise you. The cool thing is that you don’t have to watch ads to unlock something. The good news is that it is a free app. So, Other features of this game that attract gamers are:


  • There is an extensive collection of balls.
  • It provides an eye-catching background.
  • The challenge is addictive and interesting.
  • You can play with multiple players.
  • Provides tutorials for players.

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8. Swipe Basketball

 Swipe Basketball - Best Basketball Games for Android.

It is slightly different from other games. UPlay has brought this game to market. There are no opponents or play characters here. Slightly push the ball with your fingertip and slide the hoop into it. You can get as many points as possible within a given time. As the level progresses, the game becomes challenging and difficult. There are impressive 3D graphics. Swiping and controlling the ball is smooth and fast. It is easy for everyone from children to seniors to play. So, You can download it for free. Other features include:


  • There are a total of 60 levels.
  • You can earn and collect digital coins to upgrade your gaming experience by purchasing extra hours, bonus rates, and more.
  • In the latest version, you can invite them to compete with your friends.
  • Store game progress in cloud memory. So you can enjoy the game on multiple devices without losing your progress.
  • The improved throw style makes the swipe more attractive and innovative.

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9. Franchise Basketball

 Franchise Basketball - Best Basketball Games for Android.

This is the best-managed basketball game you can find on Android. This game is a product of CBS Sports. Choose your favourite basketball player from multiple teams. Develop your team with custom logos, names and uniforms. There are many game packs. This game represents management skills and helps develop strategic management. You are the team boss. So, Relax on the couch, set up a line in the virtual office, play tactics and enjoy the game.


  • There are a total of 21 games in different modes
  • There are four game modes. Seasons, exhibitions, professional games and confrontations.
  • As you level up, there are more thrilling packs with exclusive offers, limited offers and iconic versions of your favourite players.
  • The game offers ongoing rewards, prizes, digital coins and championships.
  • You can choose defence and attack

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10. Fanatical Basketball

Fanatical Basketball - Best Basketball Games for Android.

This is another fantastic android basketball game. It is a relatively new game, and it is getting attention in a short time. Many fans are offline games, so they want to download it for free. Amazing 3D vision is provided. The animation is fast and the control panel is quick and simple. This game is addictive. Team up and play matches with 5v5. Everything from team selection to control and play is all in one game. It has many other interesting features that give you a natural feel to play in real-time.


  • The audiovisual interface is very realistic.
  • It uses eye-catching, trendy and dynamic animations.
  • It has a smart touch control panel, so there is no need for other device accessories except mobile or tab
  • There are two modes currently available. Fast game mode and league mode.
  • There are thrilling actions like dribbling, catching and catching balls, great dunk runs, shooting and winning.

Download Best Basketball Games for Android.


Choosing a few games from hundreds of similar types of games is not easy. All of the games mentioned above have the potential to satisfy the player. All of these basketball games for Android are addictive and successfully served for entertainment purposes. There is a lot of volatility to consider, so I can’t say which one is the best. Please choose the game according to your taste. I hope you can find the best game on this list.

If other basketball matches are interesting, you can write to us in the comments box. We are also glad to know about your gaming experience. If you want to know about a list of other Android genres, please tell us only one last request. Too much mobile addiction can harm your daily life and harm your eyes. Don’t look at the screen for a long time and try to balance game addiction and everyday life. Stay conscious, stay healthy, and enjoy life.

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