Top 10 Best BMX Games For Android 2021

Those who love off-road sports bike games used for stunts or Halloween street racing will love this list I curated.

Paying attention to the details and going through the mayhem at the end of every checkpoint will keep you stuck on your Android device screen.

Unless you are a BMX racer in real life, virtually become one. You don’t have to pedal fast or have a lot of stamina. All you need to be a master is tilt and focus your device.

So, Here is a list of top 10 best BMX games for Android.

10. Mad Skills BMX 2

Mad Skills BMX 2 - best BMX games for android

When designing this game, we took into account some basics of physics. It features a realist element and provides a much more professional perspective.

There are several riders you can choose from and customize to your liking. You can make it reflect your personality.

There are also several hand-made tracks and more are added every week. The game stays in continuous mode as more challenges are dealt with. There are always evil bosses to beat. Hone your skills to defeat this skilled villain.

There is a Jam competition every week. You can compete with friends, people from your state or region, and international players.

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9. BMX Challenge

BMX Challenge

The game features some of the most dangerous tracks with a tricky layout built at 41000 feet above sea level. It’s totally worth it for our list of the best BMX games for Android.

There are some obstacles on your way that you have to go through. It is useful to skillfully tilt the device to keep the rider out of danger.

Points are added as you perform stunts. The more difficult the stunt, the more points you will get, and the more likely you are to fall off the bike and start over at the last checkpoint. Be smart and careful when doing stunts. Remember that you are 41000 feet above sea level. Be careful when riding a bike.

You can compete with your friends and prove yourself like a pro. Cycling equipment and bicycles are also released regularly. This increases your chances of becoming a pro.

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8. Bike Mayhem Free

Bike Mayhem Free

Run through rough mountains performing stunts and keep your bike in balance at all times.

The trail is beautifully designed, but designed with serrated rocks and roots to help you lose your balance.

There are timed races and freestyle trick events. Both offer trails inspired by real locations.

Make your rider cool with a variety of in-game gear. You can also buy gears that don’t fit the app. You can even upgrade your bike for speed, strength, agility and energy.

Challenge your friends who are also players of the game, or simply share your race results with them to determine the pro.

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7. BMX Extreme Bicycle Race

BMX Extreme Bicycle Race

This game is like a traditional city marathon racing game. You and the other players will ride steadily until you reach the finish line.

Graphics have some 3D features, but not equal or better.

Levels must be completed before other levels are unlocked.

There are several sports cycles to choose from.

What makes this app a good fit here is because of its simplicity. It is very easy to learn and navigate. It’s also the only game you’re not the only racer and you don’t need stunts Several other players you are competing with must reach the finish line before them. You don’t have to worry about balance, but you need it to speed it up.

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6. Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush

Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush

Ride, lean, and avoid moving vehicles and obstacles in the way. Speed doesn’t matter in this game. Focus is what you need and take as many coins as possible.

This game has very colorful graphics. You can use power-ups like hand gliders, helicopters, and rockets to avoid danger.

There are weekly leaderboards that you can compete against. To compete, you need to upgrade your bike and a variety of equipment.

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5. Stickman Downhill

Stickman Downhill

All of the characters in this game are made with caricature art.

The game offers over 90 beautifully designed tracks in different atmospheres. There are also different types of tracks such as downhill tracks, trial tracks, freeride tracks, and more.

This game has a variety of bikes such as Bmx bikes, E-bikes, future bikes, rocket bikes, retro bikes and more. Depending on the challenge, each of these bikes has a purpose.

This game is free in all respects. There are no in-app purchases. For locked items, you must complete a challenge to unlock them.

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4. BMX FE3D 2 – Freestyle Extreme 3D

BMX FE3D 2 - Freestyle Extreme 3D - best BMX games for android

In this game, you will ride a 3D skate park. Customize your park and create a map. You can also customize your character and bike. Whatever you want to add or omit, this game gives you complete freedom to do it.

This game has music from great artists. This helps calm your nerves before attempting a stunt, as the developer said.

There are three game modes with different challenges to choose from.

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3. Pumped BMX 3

Pumped BMX 3 - best BMX games for android

Another amazing game is on our list of Best BMX Games for Android. This is the final piece in the Pumped BMX series. The Pumped BMX 3 is an upgraded version of the Pumped BMX 2. There are more bikes, challenges, riders, stunts and levels too.

Your goal is to pull crazy stunts until you beat the high score.

There are a whopping 720 challenges in this game, and it’s the most challenging game on this list. There are 60 levels across 6 amazing environments, which are fair enough due to the enormous challenges.

The game contains 15 of the best dust jumpers in the world, such as Chase Hawk, Dennis Enarson, and more. Each of these pro dirt jumpers has a signature bike that you can use. If you want, you can also customize your bike to your liking.

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2. Impossible BMX Bicycle Stunts

Impossible BMX Bicycle Stunts - best BMX games for android

Some stunts seem impossible, but with BMX bike games you can transform the impossible into possible. You can easily show difficult and dangerous stunts. Control your bike as easily as possible. The BMX racing realm is very tricky. Because they are set in huge mountains between hills and up to the sky. So, this game gives you the greatest chance to become a stylish BMX rider without fear.

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1.Max Air BMX

Max Air BMX - best BMX games for android

Max Air BMX bike game offers more than 10 fast, stylish and colorful bikes. It offers cute and active cartoon creatures, and what’s unique is that it also includes a female BMX player. Any stunt can combine more than one stunt at a time to experience something new and thrilling. This game also allows you to test your racing skills in the most realistic locations.

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BMX games are fast-paced and require a lot of focus, but in reality it can sound boring not. Stunts and obstacle avoidance will keep you immersed in the game to the end. Also, a good BMX game allows you to customize your bikes and characters to reflect your favorite designs. The same goes for the games on this list.

Before settling on these 10 games, I did research on several BMX games for Android. Now you can visit the Google Play Store to install the game on your Android device and become a pro biker.

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