Top 10 Best Car Racing Games For Android 2021

We all grew up playing racing games our whole life and these games are still very popular, so these racing games are always popular and everyone loves them. As smartphones become more and more powerful with powerful processors and GPUs in recent years, gaming on smartphones is much more fun than ever. And here my favorite racing games list the top 10 car racing games for Android.

Best Car Racing Games For Android

Racing is one of the most beloved game genres. You can feel the thrill, adrenaline and fun while playing. This game is not only fun, but also helps reduce stress, increase concentration and improve hand-eye coordination. You are also responsible for improving your decision-making skills.

So, here are the top 10 best car racing games for android

10. Assoluto Racing: Real Grip Racing and Drifting

Assoluto Racing: Real Grip Racing and Drifting

Assoluto Racing, available for Android and iOS, is a free download of the game. Assoluto Racing can be considered a huge game for Android phones with a size of 0.91 GB. The game’s graphics are very impressive, but the game still doesn’t have a variety of maps.

Assoluto Racing consists of a powerful physics engine and a variety of real-time multiplayer matches. In addition, the gameplay gives players the ability to modify and upgrade their vehicles with features such as gear ratio adjustment, weight reduction, chamber change, installation and selection of new transmissions, exhaust and suspension.

With a variety of gameplay options and an excellent physics engine, Assoluto Racing lets you buy, tune and upgrade your dream car to live your fantasy as a racing car driver.

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9. Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing 3D

Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing 3D

Top Speed ​​is a fun game developed by T-Bull where you can choose from 69 different car models. The goal of the game is to provide a variety of bosses and the player must become the lord of the game city. The game has a variety of areas with their own gangs. You can have infinite fun while clearing all bosses.

Top Speed ​​has set a new standard in the drag racing genre. The game allows you to drag races in 5 beautiful locations, from very peaceful suburbs to vibrant downtowns and teaming teams. If you want to become an underdog racer mafia and enjoy sightseeing, this game will serve you in the best way.

This game requires you to dominate your opponents. That means you can’t stop you from burning the rubber on your driving wheels, burning your tires, and joining the gangster crew and mafia. Also, as the game is rated 12 or higher, it is legally recommended that only players 12 years of age or older play the game. In addition, the game is available offline and has a single player campaign starting with the underdog for Urban Mafia as you go up the ranks.

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8. Real Drift Car Racing Lite

Real Drift Car Racing Lite

Real Drift Racing Car: Lite is a benefit for those who can’t afford to buy a luxury phone to save them in a world of boredom. The game only has a download size of 146MB, so it doesn’t require a powerful processor or a lot of RAM or storage. It has an average rating of 4.4 stars and has over 10 million downloads, proving that it is actually reaching a wider range of players. The graphics are not very good. However, the gameplay is better with small customizations and maps.

The sole purpose of the game is to entertain the player like any other racing game. And we are sure you will love its simplicity and great performance!

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7. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a physics based game where vehicles race on rough surfaces. You can earn bonus points by jumping and flipping. There are hand-drawn graphics, stock sound effects, and cheesy music loops, but the gameplay monumentally complements it. Control is simple, all you need is a gas pedal and a brake pedal to control the car.

This game can be used offline and you can play whenever you want. You can even build and drive your own vehicle using custom parts. You can also choose different locations to race to, such as countryside, desert, highway, etc.

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6. Need For Speed: No Limits

Need For Speed: No Limits

The Need for Speed title is considered to have started the trend of racing games among all gamers. Finally, we have a mobile version of this game to live all the memories of our childhood. There are a total of 30 cars in this game, which can be upgraded and customized. The controls of the game are simple. Just tap to accelerate or brake. It’s the oldest racing game in racing game history, but it still maintains its legacy in the best way.

Different types of races are included to make this game even more addictive. However, the race is very short and will be completed in minutes. The rewards you receive after completing the race can be used to upgrade and customize as you like.

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5. CSR Racing 2 – Car And Drag Racing Game

CSR Racing 2 – Car And Drag Racing Game -  Best Car Racing Games for Android

CSR Racing 2 sets the bar for drag racing games too high. This game can do anything with a car, sell it, peel it off to move parts, even tune it for different mods, and so much more. Compete against your opponents in in-game challenges, compete, defeat them, and reach the top.

For most games, you have to spend real money on customizations like getting premium colors or skin models. However, here you just have to spend in-game money to buy those paints and accessories. The most fantastic thing about this game is that it has an AR mode. That means you can really experience the feeling of driving while sitting in the driver’s seat. Its popularity helped it rank #1 in the racing games category on the Apple Store.

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4. Gear.Club – True Racing

 Gear.Club – True Racing - Best Car Racing Games for Android

Gear Club is an addictive racing game with impressive graphics and visuals that look real in stunningly beautiful locations. While the game world surrounding the race track is equally beautiful and well-crafted, the authenticity of the car is very good.

You will agree that the developers and designers of this game have certainly taken the time to take a lot of care to refine the visual experience and performance of this game. The game certainly isn’t lacking in the player department either. This game is fun to play with many modes, events and championships. You can also connect with friends and play online.

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3. Mario Kart Tour

 Mario Kart Tour - Best Car Racing Games for Android

Nintendo somehow brought back Mario Kart for smartphones with decent controls and traditional gameplay. Mario Kart is a racing game where the goal is to get the highest honors in each cup. The classic track has been modified and redesigned to make it easier to play. The track is short and the race only runs on 2 laps, leading to short sessions that are mobile friendly.

The single input touch works well and the controls are very simple. Swiping up to fire a weapon feels natural like swiping up and coming down from behind. The windy part is tricky with touch control, and firing a turtle shell at an opponent feels like the original Mario Kart.

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2. Real Racing 3

 Real Racing 3 - Best Car Racing Games for Android

Participate in motorsports around the world, including Formula 1®, anytime, anywhere! Real car. Real people. Real motor sports. This is Real Racing 3.

Real Racing 3 is an award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games. This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable in-app purchases using your device settings. This app may contain content provided by third parties. Electronic Arts is not responsible for such content.

Boasting over 500 million downloads, Real Racing 3 has officially licensed tracks, 40 circuits in 19 physical locations, a grid of 43 vehicles, and more than 250 details from manufacturers such as Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin and Audi. To provide. Information. Provide a vehicle. With real-time multiplayer, social leaderboards, Formula 1® Grand Prix™ and a dedicated hub for championship events, time trials, night racing, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology, you can compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime. . .

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1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends -  Best Car Racing Games for Android

Asphalt 9 is the sequel to the already famous racing title Asphalt-8 and is the top-grossing racing game on Android. From Ferrari to W Motors, you can choose from a wide variety of cars. In addition to this, the game has a number of different modes: online multiplayer and career mode.

The graphics on the Asphalt 9 are very impressive and are the best of the bunch. The textures, buildings, roads and landscapes look so good. Races are short and fast, impressive and innovative. Asphalt 9 has a new driving control, TouchDrive, which makes the race even more fun and simpler.

Not only that, you can create an online community and collaborate with fellow racers. Overall, if you want to experience a real racing experience on your smartphone with nice graphics, this game is for you.

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Final Word

In summary, the games mentioned above are available on the gaming platform, some are free, others require purchase on specific websites. All games are top rated among online gaming enthusiasts. So even if you buy a certain set, you can still get real money back. We hope you like the top 10 best car racing games for Android of 2021.

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