Top 10 Best DC Games For Android 2021

D.C. Do you also like  Marvel games? D.C. The game is specifically designed for those who show their strengths and want a high level of success. Like Marvel, DC has successfully screened amazing films. In these games, D.C. You can create your own villain or hero to fight against all kinds of legendary characters that exist in the Universe.

Best DC Games For Android

Here you will control all attacks in ongoing battles. Fight for glory, fight for your strength, fight as you’ve never done before. This will definitely bring an amazing feeling inside you. Pick up all the items, use them to smash enemies, and feel the power to influence the world. We’ve got the exciting D.C. List the games.

So, Here Are The Top 10 Best DC Games For Android

10. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Competition between two superheroes is the main theme of Injustice, Gods Between Us. And if you love being super fast Batman, it’s best to give it a try. You have to prove you are the best superhero in battle in this exciting Batman game for Android. Apart from this, it can also take the best position on the leaderboard. You can also replay previous battles to improve your combat skills. Team lineups can lead you to victory or make you a disaster.


  • This game allows you to play as a DC comic icon. Options are a lot like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Joker and more.
  • Here you can choose to battle against the inhabitants of Batcave, Arkham Asylum, The Watchtower and many of these locals.
  • You can create combos in 3 in 3 action battles. You can get special attack skills in the console version of this game.
  • You can upgrade your power, character, and equipment. To do this, you need to enrich your card collection.
  • With each character, you will have a set of skills, powers, and moves to apply to the battlefield.

Pros: In this game, you can play against enemies from all over the world in an online multiplayer mode. You can also participate in tournaments and receive rewards.

Cons: There are complaints that the game is very difficult.

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9. Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

In the Roman gods, the souls of countless powerful gods gather in brutal battles. Immerse yourself in the fight to restore peace in this amazing mobile game. You can enjoy a personalized experience for mobile platforms using both swipe and tap controls. Join the ranks of the supreme summoner of ancient legends. Travel through the ancient world and incredible places.

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8. Injustice 2

Injustice 2

Are you ready to face the battle in the role of your favorite superhero Batman? Injustice 2 has a lot to offer. You’ll find exciting player-to-player modes, dynamic 3v3 battles, and more. New team synergies include Batman Ninja, Justice League, League of Anarchy, Multiverse, Suicide Squad, and more. The more you develop, the more special powers increase. In fact, you can chat with other players during battle.


  • You are free to choose your favorite DC characters in the CCG fighting game. You can be a superhero or a villain.
  • There are many classic characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and the list goes on.
  • You can choose what you want from a variety of game modes and choose what your character looks like.
  • Flash’s Lightning Kick, Superman’s Heat Vision, Harley Quinn’s Cupcake Bomb, and more are just some of the combos you can use to take down your enemies.
  • For combat games, you can team up with your friends to win the final battle.

Pros: If you can unlock new universal equipment types, you will receive a unique bonus. Plus, it’s best to show your master techniques in the Champions Arena.

Cons: Some users have trouble collecting daily rewards.

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7. DC Legends: Fight Superheroes

DC Legends: Fight Superheroes

Warner Bros International Entertainment presents the most popular Android superhero game. So, if you’re a Batman fan, it might be your best bet. DC Legends, Fight Superheroes is the game I am talking about. You can play this game not only as a hero, but also as a villain. But the shadow of the Blackest Night prophecy falls to the ground and you have to save it with your strength. Are you ready to help Sheer Willpower in this mission?


  • There are more than 130 DC characters that you can choose from a list to take on a role.
  • Legendary battles between heroes like Batman vs. Joker and Superman vs. Lex Luther will be the main focus.
  • You can unleash the power of various superheroes and get more points and skills.
  • There are many opportunities to level up the player. The higher the level, the more powerful the player.
  • In this multiplayer RPG game, you can compete with other players.
  • Options like play and play will also give it a new look and power.

Pros: You can team up in PVP events with your friends in multiple modes. You can also get rankings in 14 leagues.

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6. LEGO ® Batman: Beyond Gotha

LEGO ® Batman: Beyond Gotha

LEGO ® Batman takes you to the ultimate action adventure world. In this game, you take the place of Batman and unite with members of the DC Comics world. And, you must save the planet from the evil Brainiac. Additionally, the game has a simple interface and offers both classic’ and touch screen’ controls, so you can choose your own playstyle.

However, you will never get bored with this game while collecting your favorite characters like Dark Knight, Batman ’66, Batman Beyond, Batman the Classic series and more.


  • This unique gameplay features over 100 characters considered to be the most powerful, including BIG LEGO figures such as lantern heroes and villains and more.
  • While unlocking special suits, you can empower your hero with more super powers, such as Cyborg’s Secret Stealth Suit, Joker’s Tricky Decoy Suit, Robin’s Elite Hacker Techno Suit, and more.
  • There are 45 missions full of twists and adventures.
  • The game provides a virtual world where you can battle the arena, escape the maze, and run races to keep track of your code.
  • This full gameplay allows you to visit iconic areas such as Batcave, Justice League Watchtower, Hall of Justice, and Trophy Room.

Pros: Enjoy your favorite voice actors like Travis Willingham (Superman™), Troy Baker (Batman), Laura Bailey (Wonder Woman™ and Catwoman™), and more. You can also unlock most characters and abilities without extra money.

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5. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Battle games in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode are loved by game lovers. These include The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Robin Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, and Alice in Wonderland. While playing this RPG competition, you will have to combine a variety of attacking missions and strategy campaigns. You will have to upgrade your character’s time and equip them with amazing skills to help you fight in the game.

Don’t forget to discover an alternative digital world where you have to fight to save your fellow heroes from the evil virus. Defeat all challengers you encounter while playing in the Arena. The game will become more difficult as you level up for the virus-damaged version. Collect over 100 Disney and Pixar heroes to create your own team.

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ETERNITY WARRIORS 4 -  Best DC Games For Android

Eternity Warriors 4 gives you the chance to defeat your enemies and become a hero. Use your lightning fast assassin to slash all your enemies, shoot them like a sorcerer and take them down with the imposing crusader. In this game, you can choose a hero that fits your playing style and double your gaming experience. Explore the rare weapons, armor, and loot you need to improve your abilities. You can upgrade both passive and active skills to improve your power and master them all. Enter the battle arena where you can play with other players online, there are a few important things to watch out for before playing this game. Not for children. Second, it’s free to play, and you can also pay real money to purchase extras that are billed from your Google Account. Internet connection is always required to play.

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3. Superheroes League – Free fighting games

 Superheroes League – Free fighting games - Best DC Games For Android

Superheroes League offers one of the best Batman games in its class for Android for free. You can play it without problems on your phone or tablet. The game comes with occasional advertisements and has built-in options for additional purchases. If you want an action-packed game ready to play games featuring your favorite superheroes, you can just dive in. The game’s graphics are very attractive with inspiring sound effects. You can also play this game on multiple devices using the same Google account.


  • Players can fight from different perspectives, whether saving the world or dominating evil forces.
  • The story mode offers a rich game story, allowing players to unlock new characters as they progress.
  • You can play 1 unit. 1 battle at any time in a quick battle session.
  • Various characters can perform many special moves and attacks that demonstrate their unique powers.
  • It allows you to create your own superhero or villain team.
  • Over 76 superheroes and a popular favorite Batman are featured.

Pros: This breathtaking multiplayer game offers a variety of gameplay modes along with local multiplayer gaming sessions. You can play as a superhero or a villain.

Cons: Some users did not like the overall gameplay.

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2. Grand Injustice Superheroes League Fighting Game

Grand Injustice Superheroes League Fighting Game -  Best DC Games For Android

Are you ready to battle?

If so, create an epic roster of all the superheroes and villains who can help you. It’s absolutely free to play a collectible card game where players have to choose a character, power and finally form a team by entering an action-packed arena. Use touchscreen mechanics while completing battles against enemies in 3v3 action battles. As you swipe, perform different combos and tap to increase your strength for special attacks. The amazing thing about this game is that you can create your own mover set, maximize your strength, upgrade your characters and weapons, and fight your enemies to win the competition.

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1. Age of Superheroes: Top War with Walking Dead

Age of Superheroes: Top War with Walking Dead-  Best DC Games For Android

Age of Superheroes: Top Battle War is a superhero themed strategy war game.

As a commander, players can not only recruit superheroes in a variety of multi buses, but also experience different ways to play, such as unity tower defense wars and server-to-server kingdom battles.


  • Customize the default layout and place defensive buildings. Strengthen your fortress to defend against enemy attacks.
  • Attract enemies into traps within and crush them with your strategy!
  • Summon superheroes from different parallel universes and awaken their super abilities to form a powerful team!
  • Uncover the secrets of superheroes, complete exploration tasks, and activate their exclusive artifacts!
  • Explore the ruins of Atlantis and start a new adventure.
  • Lead a team of superheroes and defeat guardian monsters to get rich treasures

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Listed above is the best D.C. that can’t skip play once in a lifetime. Known as a game. Download this game with your Android phone and save the universe from the villains.

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