Top 10 Best Marvel Games For Android in 2021

Who doesn’t like superhero games? Especially for the amazing cartoon series that game characters love, you need something else. From the recent Avengers cartoon characters to the old and toughest Wolverines, you’ll find plenty of awesome superheroes and villains in Best Marvel games for android.

 Some games can be themed around a complete battle concept, and some are card or cartoon character based. However, most games can be downloaded for free and some have to pay. Most games are available from the Google Play store, so you can easily install them on your Android phone.

Best Marvel Games For Android

Over time, all the movie characters in the amazing world are becoming idols and biggest concepts in the Android gaming world. New and amazing games are a fun way to play on your smartphone. In this context, you will know a lot about the amazing Marvel character games for Android and their best features. So, below, we introduce ’10 Best Marvel Games for Android’ with full specs and download links.

So, here are the Top 10 Best Marvel Games For Android.

10. LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes

We’ll all be very used to playing Lego tools in our childhood. So what if you’re lucky to get these childhood memories with video games? With Lego’s amazing face, the character joins the war of justice to cut the sticky enemies forever. Incorporate powerful LEGO phenomenal superheroes into your collection. Fight against powerful armies and weapons to save the planet. Complete the most unique challenges, daily events and win big prizes for each victory.


  • As you progress through the game, you can unlock more than 91 playable characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and more. You can access some character families at any time through purchases through the in-game store.
  • Complete 45 action-packed missions as you chase Cosmic Bricks in key locations in the Marvel Universe.
  • Fight enemies using super powers such as flying, super power and invisibility.
  • Use fast-paced combat moves and activate super moves like Hulk’s Thunderclap and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.
  • Complete challenges and earn rewards.
  • Switch between “console” and “touch screen” controls to find the playstyle that suits you best.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

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9. Crossy Heroes- Avengers Of Smashy City

Crossy Heroes- Avengers Of Smashy City

Inspired by Crossy Road’s popular video game, this amazing game is suitable for all versions of Android devices. Get your ultimate superhero character ready and ready to jump into the 3D world of virtual smash city. Start the game on an endless path to cross like a real superhero style. Choose a hero with special abilities to unlock the Avengers character and destroy the villains on your journey. There are many distortions in this game such as sudden rise of blocks, hardcore stages, obstacles on the road and more levels of difficulty.


  • Beat your friends’ scores and get first place on the ranking list.
  • New feature for gameplay where blocks happen suddenly but not twice at a time.
  • Unbolt hero’s offensive abilities have a nice roster of cool heroes with unleashed powers.
  • Hundreds of champions on the list and little to no mood in this Crossy road game.
  • Share your best scores and most memorable winning moments with your social friends.
  • Different superhero characters and different challenges to complete and unlock beautiful scenarios.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

8. Power Spider 2- Parody Game

Power Spider 2- Parody Game

One of the old and new versions of the amazing superhero is Spider-Man. It’s an open world android game with hundreds of missions to complete. Play with the cool spider hero, you can surf the city unlimitedly and climb to any borderless places or buildings. Now it can be strange to describe Power Spider 2’as a completely parody phenomenal game. A fun action on the story conversation can be very entertaining and interesting to the game player. In FTTP mode, you can see a great control system and detailed graphics on your Android smartphone.


  • It’s an open world game where you can wander around New York without restrictions.
  • Get the best 3D graphics and the most detailed infrastructure in this awesome superhero game.
  • Use movement in first person player mode or VR headset for a better experience.
  • Learn quests, event objectives, daily missions, and fight bosses by jumping across the city.
  • You have full control to create free movements and do multiple activities in this Marvel Android game.
  • Get achievement rewards and earn more coins to buy new hero outfits and items.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

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7. MARVEL X War- Clash Of Zombies

MARVEL X War- Clash Of Zombies

The zombie eclipse has begun in the world of online games. Now the superhero has to come out and fight the zombies in this time of judgment. Become the head of the continental region, build your base defenses, and prepare traps to defend your clan from cheating zombies and other invaders in this amazing Android strategy game. Train your unique army and get powerful superheroes from amazing universes to fight alongside your army. Join the hero’s guild wars and summon allies. Collect trophies to reach higher leagues and earn more loot around the world.


  • X-war is a zombie defender-themed online war strategy android game base.
  • Challenge your friends in time league dual battles of legendary heroes and train armies.
  • Collect 50 legendary heroes to complete your hero book and unlock amazing super abilities.
  • Take part in zombie challenges and defeat them to become the strong and legitimate leader of your base.
  • Kill the most creepy monsters and evil bosses to fill the treasury with countless amazing gifts.
  • Build a powerful base and let your heroes guard the camp. Collect gems in game achievements.

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6. Superheroes Fighting Games- Shadow Battle

Superheroes Fighting Games- Shadow Battle

Play the best free fighting games including parody Marvel Heroes on Android mobile. Each character’s name is not the same as the original, but it is a realistic combat skill. Train your spoofing superhero in training mode to get a better knowledge of your control. Perform jumps, kicks or punches, learn different types of heroes Combate attacks and defeat your opponents. The game is a one-on-one solo combat competition waiting for hundreds of characters from Marvel, DC and other cartoon characters to get on the wheel during the battle phase.


  • Take your rage in battles in this single multiplayer mode in dual fighting matches.
  • Join amazing battles with over 50 of your favorite character superheroes in your deck.
  • Enjoy demonic 3D graphics and HD sound quality to see the real gaming experience.
  • Find past event records of superheroes and villains and discover their secrets.
  • Play in fast combat mode for a limited time to win hand-to-hand fights.
  • There are plenty of suitable fighting scenarios and achievements to unlock in this 3D fighting game.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

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5. MARVEL Puzzle Quest- Join The SuperHero Battle

MARVEL Puzzle Quest- Join The SuperHero Battle

Get stronger together, team up and fight with your most precious heroes in a fun and lovely puzzle game. Unlock hero characters and balance your team power against other players in puzzle fights. Restore your abilities and combine Marvel heroes and villains in one row to win against powerful enemies. With each victory, collect cards through playing cards to increase the strength and unique abilities of your battle heroes. Participate in PVP battles in puzzle games and participate in world events for more rewards.


  • Join the worldwide MPQ community with millions of players standing on one gaming platform.
  • Challenge your team and community members to beat the top score in this biggest Marvel Puzzle fighting game.
  • Fight more and more battles to build your daring hero abilities and become a stronger puzzle fighter.
  • Become a nut and ask your gaming friends to join a one-on-one puzzle fight in time challenges.
  • Participate in weekly tournaments and complete seasonal activities to win exciting puzzle cards and prizes.
  • Sneak into the Global Challenges, get to the top of the list and share your rankings with your friends.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

4. MARVEL Battle Lines

MARVEL Battle Lines - Best Marvel Games For Android

This amazing Android game is all about an action card game inspired by the movie Avengers Endgame characters. Control your superheroes and arrange them for an epic card war game. Use your multi-combat skills and set up your army to create a powerful deck to fight against groups of rivals. Join legendary battlefields, collect cards of your favorite and amazing characters, and throw them for players around the world. Challenge pro players and become masters on legendary card battlefields around the world.


  • Collect or buy hero cards and assemble cards for your combat troops so they can be updated instantly.
  • In battle, team synergy was activated using the same team’s hero card.
  • Use a brand new strategy to defeat your enemies and outline the ground from your opponents.
  • Use different types of hidden skills in combat troops for surprise attacks on the battlefield.
  • Fuse game cards with lower grade items into higher grade tools to create invisible hero abilities.
  • Never ending offers a game-like solo mode, event challenge, and exciting PVP mode in real time.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

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3. MARVEL Strike Force- Squad RPG

 MARVEL Strike Force- Squad RPG

The world is in big trouble by unleashing unwanted enemies from other universes. Collect and build squads of amazing superheroes and villains to save the world. This Android game will take you to the ultimate battlefield. Where attacking groups land on Earth to destroy and capture our prisoners. So get ready to fight those nutty aliens. Use convenient combat tactics and stay on guard to form your super squad and fight back. Become a POW leader on your champion ranking list and show who is the best in Strike Force.


  • Build your squad with your favorite Marvel heroes and villains in this RPG style game.
  • Evaluate your hero’s powerful offense and face them with absurd skin.
  • It is best to play on Android version 4.4 or higher Android device.
  • Unlock your hero’s combo attack strategy and upgrade it to the highest level to deal more damage.
  • Experience the most amazing visual Android fighting game with realistic graphics quality.
  • Join enemies and allies from around the world in a 5v5 combination battle mode.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

2. MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions - Best Marvel Games For Android

Marvel Contest of Champions is one of two vs. two fighting games of all the amazing characters on Android. This is the ultimate confrontation between powerful heroes and supervillains on the battlefield. Build strong partnerships and find new quests to complete your achievements. Unlock heroes and defeat evil villains on the stage of an epic journey to become a new world champion. There is nothing easy to play with your amazing fighting strategy to show who is the best in this championship competition.


  • Build an unbeatable team of the most powerful characters to become the champion.
  • Join the battle of alliances using the best combat strategy and conquer the world.
  • Clean up your quest map by completing combat missions one by one in this contest.
  • It’s a journey full of action and amazing tactics in some iconic locations.
  • Many bonus superheroes are also available, but you have to find them in various events.
  • Improve your defense system and attack combos of amazing teams of heroes in the lab.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

1. MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight

Netmarble presents’Fight of the Future’, an epic RPG-based Marvel game for your Android mobile. There are hundreds of characters in this android game. The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-men and many more other heroes emerge from this game’s amazing industry. The game offers a good storyline from character to character to build your army to fight against convergence villains. Buy your favorite heroes, upgrade them, build the best team, and increase your strength by completing various combat missions. Welcome to the battle of the future on your mobile screen in this very challenging and amazing game.


  • Join battles in the PVP arena game mode for even more action thrills.
  • There are over 200 unique amazing characters and villains in this android game.
  • In emergencies, borrow a hero and do an assessment to team up with your friends.
  • Complete special missions for new epic characters to unlock and bind super abilities.
  • Build a team to increase the power of your heroes and complete thrilling quests.
  • Collect or buy new uniforms to help combat heroes find casual on the ground.

Download Best Marvel Games For Android.

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Final Words

Countless PC games have been developed for fans and gamers in the Marvel world. But these days, smartphone users are very lucky to be able to play most of the amazing character games on their Android phones. Not all amazing games are based on action or fight. Some games are character follow games. Some are arcade-type android games, but there is no doubt that most are action and adventure related games. Perhaps you have already figured it out. Top 10 Best Marvel Games For Android in 2021.

On top of that, some have great gaming features and some are great with great graphics and sound performance. It is now clear to declare that every game has a unique gaming experience. Different levels of excitement and fun await you. I played most of the phenomenal cartoon games on the top chart. I’m an action-loving gamer, but I vote for ‘Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Super War’ because both Android games have good story sequences full of action and power.

In this article, we tried to cover 10 of the top-ranked amazing hero games in the Android Games section. Check them all better and you’ll find the superhero android games you want in this list.

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