Top 10 Best Music Player For Android

10 best music player apps for Android

Nowadays, many people have moved to some kind of music streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. However, there are still people hanging on the media collection because streaming is not enough yet. If you have your own music collection and your stock music player doesn’t, here’s a recommendation for the best music player app for Android. If you are looking for music to play local music and stream music, the best way is Google Play Music. Of course, if you need an app to stream music, here’s the list! Top 10 Best Music Players.

1. AIMP Music Player 

AIMP Music Player  - best music player apps for Android

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The AIMP Music Player for Android is known for its simplicity and provides all the features you need to play songs on a regular basis from the music player app. It is the prettiest of many, but it gets the job done. All important function buttons such as shuffle and repeat are on the playback screen. It also features sleep timer, playback speed control, speaker control, and equalizer.

The hidden settings option in the burger menu includes many important and advanced options to get the most out of the player. You can also control map controls and adjust how you want to get the most out of them. So, One of my favourite features is to tap on a song name and get important song details like singer, composer, genre, year, file format, bitrate and storage location.


  • Easy to use app
  • Various advanced features for audiophiles
  • Supports most file formats

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2. BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer EX - best music player apps for Android

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BlackPlayer is undoubtedly one of the best music player for Android and comes with many features. Designed with a customizable user interface that can be fully controlled by swiping and gestures. You can use custom values to accurately change the font and UI color.

BlackPlayer also includes widgets, seamless playback, an ID3 tag editor, sleep timer, changeable themes, and more. It also supports standard local music file formats such as MP3, WAV and OGG.

In addition to this, the BlackPlayer app is ad-free and is available for free on the Play Store. A paid version with extensions is also available.

Important Features of BlackPlayer

  • BassBoost, 5 band equalizer with 3D surround virtualizer and amplifier.
  • Android Auto and WearOS support
  • View and edit included lyrics
  • Synchronized .lrc file support

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3. JetAudio HD

JetAudio HD - best music player apps for Android

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Another obvious choice for the best music player for Android is JetAudio HD Player Plus. JetAudio HD Player Plus is a premium music player that plays a variety of file formats stored in local or network folders via Wi-Fi.

Almost all types of digital music files (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .opus, .wma *, etc.), Various effects and enhancements such as Wide, Reverb, and X-Bass provide high quality sound.

Comes with 32 equalizer presets that provide a variety of listening experiences.

If you want to customize your own sound environment, you can use the 10/20 band graphic equalizer and other advanced playback functions such as playback speed control, cross fading, AGC and more.

You can play music over Wi-Fi from a shared folder on your local home network. Works with shared folders in Windows, USB drives connected to routers or network drives (NAS).


  • 20 band graphic equalizer
  • Tag editor (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A)
  • Show lyrics on tags (synchronized lyrics)
  • 3 lock screens
  • Pitch shifter
  • Accurate playback speed control (50% ~ 200%)
  • Light gray/white theme for browsers (Plus only)
  • Artist / Song / Folder / Genre browser’s grid mode
  • FF / REW interval adjustment
  • Extended notification bar (for JB)
  • MIDI playback (with the using of jetAudio WaveTable MIDI synthesizer engine)

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4. MediaMonkey


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MediaMonkey is the best music player for Android loaded with features. Libraries can be browsed by album, audiobook, podcast, artist, track, genre, and composer. Folder View is available for a trial period of 15 days. The search algorithm is fast and shows both artists and tracks predictively.

MediaMonkey can download missing album art and lyrics. You can also sync your Android player with MediaMonkey for Windows. You can also enable the track in Settings to see the track’s navigation bar in the notification panel. Additional features include a sleep timer, tag editor and home screen widget. It is one of the best music players for Android that can meet your needs.


  • Stereo balanced 5-band equalizer
  • Android Auto and Chromecast / UPnP / DLNA devices supported
  • Option to bookmark large files such as audiobooks and videos
  • Compatible with third-party scribblers including L

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5. Musicolet


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Musicolet is a lightweight, ad-free best music player for Android with many features. You can control the music player using the earphone button. Click Pause/Play once and double click to play the next track and triple-click to go to the previous song. You can also fast forward a song with 4 or more repeat clicks. It claims to be the only music player app for Android that supports multiple play queues. Musicolet has an intuitive GUI with easy access to tabs of folders, albums, artists, and playlists.

It also has an equalizer, lyrics support, tag editor, sleep timer, widgets and more. In terms of features, it is one of the best Android music players to use in 2020 and offers an excellent experience.


  • Option to set up multiple queue managers and more than 20 queues
  • Tag editor for editing multiple album art at once.
  • Advanced music control with earphones
  • Android Auto support

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6. Neutron Player

Neutron Player

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9 years of providing sound to audiophiles!

Neutron is the best music player for Android with a platform-independent unique 32/64-bit audio engine that produces high-quality Hi-Fi-rated sound.

Neutron can output high-resolution audio directly to the internal DAC (if your device supports it) and provides a rich digital tool (DSP) for correcting sound. It is the only application that can send audio to a network renderer (UPnP/DLNA, Chromecast) with all DSP effects applied, including true gapless playback. If your device supports DSD, take advantage of its unique oversampling mode to render PCM to DSD in real time!


  • Neutron has a specialized user interface with advanced options, a variety of control sets, and is specially designed for audiophiles and music lovers really!

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7. Phonograph


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The phonograph is a visually appealing app with a clean material design user interface. Depending on the contents of the screen, the UI dynamically changes to match the color. The theme engine allows you to customize the player to your liking. This Android music player app does not only look good but also feature rich.

Phonograph automatically downloads the missing information about the media. With this player’s tag editor, you can easily edit the tags of a title, a single artist song or an entire album.

This best music player for Android it is automatically downloading the missing information about the media. With this player’s tag editor, you can easily edit the tags of a title, a single artist song, or an entire album.

Gramophone also has other features like lock screen control, seamless playback and sleep timer. The app offers in-app purchases.


  • Classify your library into albums, artists, and playlists
  • Built-in theme engine for extensive customization
  • integration for downloading additional information about the track

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8. Pi Music player

Pi Music player

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The beautifully designed and crafted Pi Music Player includes all the essential features that users might prefer from the best music player for Android. At startup, you will be prompted to choose a theme (4 different varieties) that you can change later if you wish. It features an excellent interface that makes everything easy to use. So, You can play music in various library views (tracks, albums, artists, genres, playlists, folders).

It also comes with a sleep timer, widget support, ringtone cutter, and more. The Pi Music Player app is available for free on the Play Store but displays ads. So, You can purchase additional for an ad-free environment.


  • 5 band built-in equalizer presets like Bass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects, Virtualizer, etc.
  • Pi Power Share some feature to share tracks, albums, genres and playlists
  • Improved folder view for audio file management
  • Audiobook and podcast support

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9. Poweramp


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Poweramp is one of the oldest and most respected music players on the Google Play store. With hundreds of features, this is one of the best music player for Android available for anyone serious about offline listening. This app hasn’t received much media attention lately, but more features have been added to Poweramp 3.0 recently, and many of them may not know about it. I decided to review the latest version of Poweramp to check the app’s current status. To celebrate 9 years since its release, we are providing 90 codes provided by developers. Poweramp offers a 14-day trial version used for this review. You can also check the app in the free trial before purchasing to see if it’s the right music player for you. So, You can check out Poweramp’s website here.


  • 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, and custom presets
  • Powerful bass and treble adjustment
  • Stereo eXpansion, Mono Mixing, Balance, Tempo Control, Reverb, System MusicFX (if supported by device)
  • Android Auto
  • Google Assistant support
  • Chromecast support m3u/pls HTTP stream
  • Unique direct volume control (DVC) for extended dynamic range and real deep bass
  • Crossfade there is no gap Playback gain, Play songs from folders and your own library
  • Dynamic queue
  • Lyrics support including lyrics search through plugins
  • Included and standalone .cue file support m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlist, playlist import and export support
  • Download missing album art
  • Download artist images
  • Custom visual theme, many skins available on Play
  • Widget with many styles to choose from, advanced customization, Lock screen option
  • Milkdrop compatible visualization support (and third party downloadable visualization)
  • Headset support, headset resume automatically and/or BT connection immersion
  • Tag editor
  • Audio information including detailed audio processing information
  • Ultra-fast library scan
  • High level of customization through settings.

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10. Pulsar Music Player

Cover art

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It’s completely free and lightweight, so Pulsar is one of the most preferredbest music player for Android for many users. Its gorgeous user interface and animations make it simple but beautifully designed without ads. So, You can also customize the interface with different colour themes. Pulsar library view can be sorted by album, artist, genre or folder.

In addition, the app provides all the other features such as gapless playback, home screen widgets, built-in tag editor, 5-band equalizer (available in pro version), scrobbling and more. Pulsar is a small, but one of the best music player for Android you can check.


  • Crossfade support.
  • Android Auto and Chromecast support.
  • Option to create a smart playlist based on the most played, recently played, and newly added songs.
  • Speedy search across albums, artists and songs.

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Hope You guys, now know which is the best music player apps for Android for you.

Now let’s say goodbye. So, Don’t forget to share your experience with the apps you chose to try. It can help others make a choice. So stay safe and connect with us. Thank you.

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