Top 10 Best Racing Game for Android In 2021

Top 10 Best Racing Game for Android. Nice race to liven up your lazy afternoon on the couch? Want to enjoy the thrill of high octane competition while the bus is back?

The answer is the mobile best racing game For android offers various types of best-racing games for free. It’s actually hard to find the biggest one. Fortunately, we did our best for you.

Here are the Car games, running, horse racing, and more is the best racing game for Android!

1. Asphalt 9 – Best Racing Game For Android

Asphalt 9  - Best Racing Game For Android

(ImageSource: Play Store)

One of the largest Android games on the market, Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest in a long-running racing game series.

Developed by Gameloft, Asphalt 9 offers great graphics and intuitive control, but intensive graphics are better suited for modern phones and tablets. In-app purchases can upgrade cars and buy credits.

Asphalt 9: Legends gets regular updates with the latest versions including Caribbean tracks, new cars, multiplayer upgrades and more. As the Android-powered game progresses, Asphalt 9: Legends is in the polar regions.

Key Features

  • Console experience in the palm of your hand
  • With stunning visual and particles to create a real car, nice HDR technology, every race carefully describe the actual effects blockbuster movies 100Million shares within easy reach of the most surreal arcade racing game.
  • Most prestigious car
  • Collect the world’s best speed machine 50 or higher. Each cool car has been carefully selected based on its aesthetics and the best driving performance required for the most desirable lineup in the asphalt game to date.
  • So Customizing with your fingers
  • Use the editor to define a new car in the car with accurate colors and materials. You can also choose the rim’s color, etc. to make it look best on the track.

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2. Speedboat Racing – Best Racing Game For Android

Speedboat Racing  - Best Racing Game For Android

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Speed of MTS Free Games Boat Racing will take you through the world of another adventure full of thrilling racing. Get the most breathtaking experience on Wave Racer Power Boat. The fierce driving simulator boat racing game was even more fun!

Join the race of life with this driving simulator. Path aborted. Other boats will try to cross you and push you on the track. So, Wear a life jacket for safety in water games. Like real water games and other boat games, here we set four leagues: Classic League, Grand Prix, Master Cup and World League. Follow the pre-departure checklist and perform a safety check before starting the race.

 Key Features
  • Each league with 4 leagues and 4 stages
  • Realistic water physics for boat movement
  • Smooth UI
  • Awesome graphics

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3. Real Racing 3 – Best Racing Game For Android

Real Racing 3 - Best Racing Game For Android

(ImageSource: Play Store)

Enjoy the best racing experience, including Formula 1® anytime, anywhere! Real car. *Real people. Real motorsports. *Real Racing 3. So read the important information below! So, Real Racing 3 sets a new standard for a mobile racing game in the award-winning franchise. This app offers in-app purchases. So, You can disable in-app purchases using your device settings.

So, This application may contain content provided by third parties. Electronic Arts are not responsible for such content.

Boasting over 500 million downloads, Real Racing 3 is an official license with 40 circuits in 19 physical locations, 43 car grids, and more than 250 detailed cars from manufacturers such as Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, and Audi Track offers. And with real-time multiplayer, social leaderboards, Formula 1® Grand Prix™, and a dedicated hub for championship events, time trials, night racing, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology, you can race everyone anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • Real car Take advantage of over 250 vehicles from manufacturers such as Ford, Aston Martin, McLaren, Koenigsegg and Pagani.
  • Real track Ride 19 real tracks from top locations around the world, including Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome, Yas Marina, Circuit of the Americas, and more.
  • *Real people face your friends and rivals in 8-player, cross-platform real-time racing around the world. Or immerse yourself in all competitions and challenge the AI-controlled version in Time Shift Multiplayer™.

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4. CSR Racing 2 – Best Racing Game For Android

Cover art

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CSR Racing 2 is the next chapter for the best drag racing game ever with AR mode!

Setting a new standard in car gaming graphics, CSR2 brings surreal drag racing to the palm of your hand. This game celebrates tea in your pocket! Racing games have never been so realistic. Customize your car, compete with players around the world and take over the city!

Compete against live players from around the world with customizable supercars including LaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Koenigsegg One: 1 and more. Adjust and customize your ride for maximum speed and dominate the competition in crew events around the world. Immerse yourself in the passion for the most amazing car on the planet. No other car game can compete! Download the best racing game for free, start the supercar collection and race now!

Key Features

Legends live forever!

  • It is worth owning the amazing McLaren F1 by restoring some of the most legendary cars. Get your hands on the wheels of the Saleen S7 twin-turbo, Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole, 1969 Pontiac GTO “Judge” or Aston Martin DB5.
  • Next-generation graphics
  • CSR2 redefines what you think of in-car racing games on mobile devices. Using outstanding 3D rendering technology, it offers the most beautiful and authentic supercar to date. Racing games are no more realistic than this!

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5. Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer

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The goal in this game is to drive as fast as possible without crashing as fast as possible. Various game modes are available, such as providing 4 lanes in one direction or 2 pairs of lanes opposite each other.

The game ends when you hit once.

To play this game well, you need to move the car from side to side while increasing speed. If you drive as close as possible to other vehicles, you can swipe ahead.

Traffic Racer Game it a UN landmark in the genre of Endless Arcade Races. So, Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car, and buy a new car. So, Become one of the fastest drivers on the global leader board. Endless racing is now redefining!

Key Features

  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Smooth  realistic car handling
  • Of course, there are 40 things to do
  • 5 detailed environments: suburb, desert, snow, rainy city night
  • 5 game modes: Endless, Mode, Time Trial, Police Chase, and Free Ride
  • Truck, bus, and SUV
  • Paint and wheel
  • Online leaderboards and achievements

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6. Lol Karts

Lol Karts

(ImageSource: Play Store)

Silly plaster Sometimes annoying LoL Kart is nevertheless worth playing. Because it is so stupid.

The cartoon character entertains you when racing an infeasible car in a series of courses with some rules. Detonate, block, and use nitro power to boost acceleration and cross the finish line first.

Key Features:

  •  Race with over 30 popular & wiki carts
  •  Jump, rush, drift, and race your opponent on the track.
  •  Take the initiative by using superpowers
  •  Collect funny and fun hats, wigs, and masks for drivers: unicorn heads, straw hats, alien hats, and more!
  •  Unlock rewards and earn gorgeous new carts, upgrades, and coins
  •  Challenging players around the world
  •  Form a gang and join the KART community with friends
  •  Master all tracks and build your own
  •  Have fun in this fun multiplayer adventure

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7. Hovercraft: Takedown

Hovercraft: Takedown

(ImageSource: Play Store)

Hovercraft: Take down the # 1 multi-player of the year, combat racing, customized cars manufactured, completely addictive, physics-based action game!

Thugs have taken over the Hovercraft Highway! Create a custom hovercraft. Secure it to your teeth with a machine gun, laser and rocket. Then go to the street and stack up the takedowns!

Key Features

  • Create fully custom hovercraft and arm them with guns, lasers, missiles, and more!
  • Play with your friends via Wi-Fi and fight through multiplayer survival mode!
  • Destroy enemy vehicles into pieces and cause crazy chain explosions!
  • Equip up to 6 weapons at the same time and customize your loadout in thousands of combinations
  • Long-range sniper cannon? 360-degree tracking laser? Triple Fire Excavation Rocket? How about all of them at the same time!
  • Pass through gorgeous rocky mountain paths at a blazing speed
  • Bite enemy weapons with dozens of unique power-ups and weapon types.
  • Upgrade your hovercraft squadron and become more powerful
  • Endless loot! Collect and win rare, epic, and legendary supplies and equipment in the card pack.
  • The real-time damage model affects all hovercraft systems, from weapons to thrusters.
  • Experience crazy physics-based combat racing like never before!

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8. Clan Race  

Clan Race

(ImageSource: Play Store)

Most social and real-time PVP Cross Game Xtreme comes from the hit racing game series, Trial Xtreme creators. Compete with millions of players, join your own clan or create your own, and show that the other clans are for CACE as well as CACE!

Key Features

  •  Real-time PVP game mode – Compete in real time with players from all over the world to win amazing prizes!
  • CLAN MODE – Team up with your friends to create your own clan, and show other clans that are the best in the game.
  • Season Mode – Finish the season in the best division to be selected as the best clan race rider in the world.
  • AILT ABILITIES – Mock your rival as you race with dozens of special emoticons.
  • Unique 3D video -The craziest 3D graphics you’ve seen so far, together with perfectly designed levels, form an insane riding experience.
  •  Upgrade for success – Make your own racing monster by upgrading your bike parts.
  • Competitor – Customize your rider to apply your own style to the track.

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9. Photo Finish Horse Racing

Photo Finish Horse Racing

(ImageSource: Play Store)

The best horse racing series on mobile!

Can you win the cup and win the horse race crown? The quest has started!

Hire riders, train horses, and compete in various races from local derby to cup quests! This game is the best horse racing simulation with vivid animations, great graphics, addicting gameplay, and fierce competition. So, Live the life of riders, masters, and spectators at Sport of Kings!

Key Features

  • Breeder, Jockey, Cup Champion. 3 times the role, 3 times the fun. Do it all at the photo finish horse racing!
  • Kentucky Have a Dream? Belmont ambition? Intention for Epsom? Start racing quests now!
  • Will you get your crown as a champion? Champion caliber horse breeding
  • Rise your rank until the day you race in Derby! Let’s go to the stall!
  • breeding:
  • Develop stability and raise the best stallion!
  • Do you have what it takes to become the best breather? Beat the best and give the best!
  • Make stability a refuge for the fastest horses!

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10. Fun Run 3: Arena

(ImageSource: Play Store)

(ImageSource: Play Store)

The Mario Kart series was a huge success. One of the main aspects of the game is to use tricks, gadgets, and weapons to gain an edge over your competitors. So, It is a game trophy dating back to the late 1980s. However, this may be the first time you’ve seen a running race.

Offering cartoon-like side-scrolling Mario kart-style japes, Fun Run 3: Arena takes responsibility for wildlife, unlike other animals. Anthropomorphism gives the ability to run on the hind legs, although the knees and eyes are invisible.

Key Features

  •  Clan battles in 2v2 mode!
  •  More than 30 new power-ups!
  •  Arena-New 8 player racing game mode!
  •  Compete against friends or random players in real-time!
  •  Slam & slides: two new actions, leaving the opposition in the dust!
  •  Customize your avatar with more options than ever!
  • For many new levels to conquer!
  •  So, Climb to the leaderboards and challenge to the best players in the world!

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In summary, the games mentioned above are available on the gaming platform, some are free and others need to be purchased from certain websites. All games are top-rated among online game lovers. So, Even if you buy a specific set, you can get the real money back. so hope you like the top 10 best racing games for android in 2021.

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